Monday, 2 September 2013


Hello everybody,
You can (obviously) tell from the title that I'm going to stop this blogk this was definitely a hard decision to make but I always find it hard to write a topic! I started a blog because I was SO BORED! I'm not deleting this blog because I have links from other blogs that link to this blog!

You can still comment on this blog though! I'll still check emails that relate to this blog!

I hate to say it but it's permanently a goodbye!

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Nominated For A Liebster Award!

As you can tell from the title, I got nominated for a Liebster award and I'm very happy and excited!! If you don't know what a Liebster Award is I'll quickly explain to you! The Liebster Award is meant to help promote small blogs/new blogs with 200 followers or less! It sends people to new blogs that they might have never knew! 

Liebster is a German word that can be used as a noun or adjective that means sweet or dear!

Basically it's an excuse to have a lot of fun! Just Kidding!
I was nominated by Ashley from Dream. Live. Repeat and I actually did a collab post with her! Be sure to stop by her blog!

Liebster Award Rules:

If you get nominated you must:
  • Tell readers 11 things about you!
  • Answer the 11 question the blogger who tagged you created!
  • Create 11 new questions of your own for those you nominate to answer!
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers (with 200 followers or less) and then tell them they're nominated!
My Eleven Facts About Me:
  1. I'm extremely weird, geeky and crazy, so much, I wouldn't be surprised if people thought I was on drugs!
  2. I have a younger sister and she also has a blog! It's called Macaroon Style! She's my blood sister!
  3. I struggle saying the word 'regularly' something just tells me I can't say it right at all! *Goes to a corner and starts to practice saying regularly* Is it just me who can't say it?
  4. I love to travel a lot I've traveled to I want to say a lot of Europe! I hate having to wait on the the plane but I love getting 'ON' the plane!
  5. My favourite scents are vanilla and rose!
  6. I swear I could eat bubblegum ice lollies all day! They're so good, so if you ever see bubblegum ice lollies try the out!!
  7. My hair is naturally thin and healthy looking, but underneath my 'good' layer of hair it sometimes is so tangled!
  8. I love wearing and making friendship bracelets!
  9. I love Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande!
  10. My favourite book of ALL time is the Hunger Games, I haven't read the second and third book yet, but I know I have to get them!
  11. I love zip wiring and rock climbing and riding my bike and roller skating and skateboarding! *I think that's about it*
My answers to Ashley's Questions:
  1. What skincare and/or makeup products do you recommend for YOUR skin type? Any sort of face scrub that has texture to it (such as sugar, salt that sort of texture), Bioderma (for sensetive skin) and the 'Simple' brand products! They are so amazing!
  2. What does your nail care look like (Hint: products you use, colors of polish you like, are your nails will-maintained or bitten)? When I was younger I used to bite my nails, but I've stopped now! A way to stop myself from biting my nails is to paint any nail polish on my nails, that way I wanted my nails to look perfect so I stopped biting them! Oh, and my favourite polishes are pinks! I think pinks always look good!
  3. Who inspires your make-up and sense of fashion (Think: celebrities, make-up artists, YouTube Beauty Gurus, Beauty Bloggers) and why? People who inspire my make-up are, HauteBrilliance on YouTube, MissGlamorazzi on YouTube, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Yet Another Makeup Blog! People who inspire my sense of fashion are, MissGlamorazzi (again), Evelina on YouTube, Lauren Conrad, She Wears Fashion, and Our London Wardrobe!
  4. Describe your go-to hair and makeup look. Well for my hair I normally tie my hair in a high messy bun and for makeup I don't do my makeup EVERYDAY but if I do wear makeup I use concealer, powder, blush, do my eyebrows, eye makeup and tinted lip balm! Nothing to dramatic!
  5. How would you describe your sense of style and a typical day-in-your-life outfit? For Autumn I normally wear a t-shirt, a jumper, some tights, a cute skirt and converses or flats!
  6. What type of shoes do you most enjoy wearing and why? For Spring and Summer I like to wear converses and sandals and for Autumn and Winter I like to wear converses and boots!
  7. Does your profession affect your style? How so? My profession doesn't affect my style!
  8. Why do you wear makeup? I wear makeup because it's just something artistic and creative and I don't do much, the very least I'll do is use concealer and powder, so nothing too much! And NO, I do not wear makeup EVERYDAY!
  9. If you could choose another country to visit or live in, which would you choose and why? I would love to visit Venice and I would love to live in Scotland!
  10. Do you consider yourself a healthy person (eat well, exercise, use natural beauty products)? I consider myself semi healthy I don't take it to seriously but I do like to keep an eye!
  11. What is the best advice you have for others? Just be yourself, whatever it is, act yourself, dress yourself, look yourself! Just don't change yourself!
My Eleven Questions:
  1. Favourite scent?
  2. Pet peeve?
  3. Favourite blogs to read of all time?
  4. Favourite thing about blogging?
  5. Gold or silver?
  6. Favourite food?
  7. Favourite childhood memory?
  8. If you could visit any place, where would it be?
  9. Go to lipstick?
  10. You're stuck on a island with food, and your family, what three items would you bring?
  11. Favourite season?

For the eleven people I nominate, they are:
  1. Macaroon Style (my sister)
  2. Princess-Corner
  3. Modern Beauty Girl
  4. Fashion At Its Fall
  5. Yet Another Makeup Blog
  6. DharaPatelio
  7. Cous Cous & Cork Wedges
  8. All Things Anita
  9. Bunny Blossom
  10. According To Laura Jean
  11. Sewbon
It's hard to tell who has less than 200 followers since they all have a couple different platform that people may follow them through! I'm certain that all the people listed about have less than 200 followers if not it's pretty close to 200 and less!


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